New equipment

Our company is ready to offer new HP or Canon plotters. We do not provide a complete list of available machines due to a long list of existing models. We can offer you machines of both brands which are suitable for CAD, graphics or photo use. Contact our agents to receive their recommendations according to your needs, requirements and your budget.

To get a quote, please call us at:  647 914-5821


Canon PRO 4000S $6,745
Canon TA-20 $1395
Canon TM200 $3,295
Canon TM205 $3,795
Canon TM300 $5,995
Canon iPF 670MFPL24E $4845
Canon TA-20 w/stand $1790
Canon TA-30 $4595
HP DesignJet  T530 24" $2795
HP DesignJet   T730 36" $4295
HP DesignJet  T830 24" MFP $3895
HP DesignJet  T 530 36" $4195
HP DesignJet  T830 36" MFP $8495