Large-format HP plotters

HP plotters - high performance for a reasonable price!

HP color plotters stand out for their high performance and capabilities. In the section you can find both relatively inexpensive printing devices for very small workgroups or for home use, as well as high-performance devices for large workgroups, as well as an HP DesignJet printing plotter with advanced features and functionality. Buying an HP plotter in Toronto is an ideal solution for those who are interested in high-quality printing of large-format advertising posters, highly artistic works, photographs, etc.


HP DesignJet  T530 24" $2795
HP DesignJet   T730 36" $4295
HP DesignJet  T830 24" MFP $3895
HP DesignJet  T 530 36" $4195
HP DesignJet  T830 36" MFP $8495
HP DesignJet 510 $1500

Directions for use and models of HP plotters

This section presents a wide range of printing devices. Here you can choose the HP plotter, which is ideal for you in terms of cost, quality and functionality. You can choose a device for a wide variety of conditions and various printing tasks. HP DesignJet plotter of one model perfectly copes with layouts and compilations, a device of a different configuration is better suited for printing drawings and projects.

HP products are capable of satisfying the needs of any client, the plotter of which may cost a little, but print in acceptable quality. Such devices are extremely popular in home and small offices. Businesses with a larger budget can opt for an HP plotter with advanced printing and advanced features.

  • GIS, architecture, engineering, and engineering staff can purchase the HP A1 plotter for high-quality internal printing. Printing devices for engineers usually have several black cartridges (from 2 to 4) in the printing system. Thanks to this, the engineering HP DesignJet plotter provides clear and precise lines of CAD projects, drawings and other visualizations.
  • Compilations, models, sketches of a wide format with the help of the HP 24” wide plotter or larger devices can be created by graphic designers, designers. For highly artistic prints, devices with an expanded system and special printing technology have been developed. This is a quality guarantee from HP. The plotter for designers has 6 colors in the printing system, which provide a more thorough drawing of shades and color transitions.
  • HP offers a wide range of home wide format printers. Devices of this type have a relatively low cost and are great for a tight budget. But the HP 24” wide plotter provides high-quality prints of a wide format. The 4-color printing system allows you to receive color photographs and reproductions of normal quality, draw colored lines or individual monotonously colored areas. The inexpensive HP DesignJet plotter is also suitable for work in small offices where large format printing is needed.

All HP plotters presented on this page can not only print in large format, but also save user money.

Buy HP plotter in GTA

HP large format plotters in Toronto can be purchased directly from For this:

  • it is necessary to choose a suitable model (if you are at a loss with a choice - contact our managers, they can answer your questions).
  • after you decide, you need to click the "buy" button and fill out a simple order form.
  • if for some reason you do not like to buy online - at your service representative offices of the company.

There you can buy everything you need for printing: high-quality ink, photo paper. Wide printing may be available!