Repair of HP plotters

Plotter - a type of equipment used for large format printing. Has a lot in common with an office printer, but the functionality is much wider. Depending on the model, it can be used to print on paper, film, and synthetic materials. Since the plotter can be used to produce a wide range of popular printed materials - from projects and drawings, to maps and advertising posters, problems inevitably arise when plotter is extensively in use. HP plotters need to be repaired immediately and professionally in Toronto area.

The specialists of the Image Machines Technology Inc service center are ready to provide you with their help and set up the HP plotter in the shortest possible time in Toronto area.

Faults and their causes

Even equipment made by serious brands like HP can break. There are many reasons: wear of parts, malfunction of electronics, irregular maintenance or increased load. Attempts to repair the equipment yourself, without having the necessary skills, may not solve, but only exacerbate the problem.

The only reasonable solution in a situation when you need to repair HP plotters is to contact a specialized company in Toronto area. This step ensures that the cause of the breakdown is quickly determined and eliminated. What problems most often arise?

  • The plotter does not turn on.
  • Tears, wrinkles, paper jam, or "does not see" paper.
  • The print head stops after several movements or does not move at all; printing does not occur.
  • Printing is done, but blots or streaks appear on the surface.
  • The equipment produces an error

Possible causes of the HP plotter malfunction:

  • Print head error;
  • carriage error or excessive friction error
  • failure of components such as an ink supply unit, tube assembly;
  • breakdown of carriage belt;
  • breakage of the blade and / or knife;
  • failure of the trailing cable and / or the circuit board of the plotter carriage.

Certified specialists of our center replace worn parts, replace cartridges, as well as all the services necessary for the normal operation of your plotter.

Our technicians will need a small amount of time to determine the nature of the malfunction. After the repair work, our experts will mandatorily test and return your plotter to a working condition.

Range of work produced by Image Machines Technology Inc


The complexity and cost of repairs can only be determined after a diagnosis. It is carried out by the service masters for free, provided that subsequent repairs will be carried out by the same company.

How quickly an HP plotter will be repaired depends on how serious the cause of the malfunction is and whether the necessary parts are available. Also, only after diagnosing, the service tech can tell whether the equipment will need to be transported ( if possible) or whether the malfunction can be fixed on the spot.


Professionals divide repair work into 3 groups, depending on their complexity:

  • minor repairs: adjustment, prevention, elimination of minor malfunctions;
  • medium repair: adjustment and adjustment, lubrication. All work requiring partial disassembly / assembly of equipment without replacement of parts, replacement of print the heads;
  • complex repairs: complete assembly / disassembly, replacement of spare parts, troubleshooting of electronics, replacement of control boards, carriage belts, motors, parking cleaning.

Installation, configuration, maintenance and consultation

Contacting HP plotter repair company when the equipment is already out of order is a necessary measure. Sometimes, during diagnosis, it becomes obvious that the cause of a fairly serious breakdown and an expensive repair was caused by incorrect, untimely or completely absent maintenance. Firms involved in the repair in Toronto area also carry out installation, print setup and routine maintenance of this rather complex type of equipment.

Why Image Machines Technology Inc

Often problems can be avoided simply by contacting a service representative for advice. Any type of activity requires the possession of certain skills, experience and the necessary qualifications. HP professionals plotter repair using special equipment and provide warranty in Toronto area. Both for the work done and for the newly installed spare parts.

We offer:

  • Diagnosis.
  • The warranty for the performance of the work is 30 days!
  • Repair, if the spare parts are available, from one to three days, depending on the complexity of the repair work.
  • Either Cash or non-cash, credit card payments for repair work are available.

Quality service and excellent service are now available to everyone! Contact our Image Machines Technology Inc service center for repairing equipment - we will be able to eliminate all the shortcomings!