You can rely on our support if you have a large volume of print or tight deadlines of your print. We can offer in house printing equipment to satisfy your needs. Our specialization is large format print, scan and copy solutions for Graphics Arts, Photography, Surveying, Architectural, Engineering, Education, Sign and Visual Advertisement.

We can offer printing your project (you can send it by email) and deliver the printed work. Also, we are available on weekends and after working hours for emergency cases.

The Image Machines Technology Inc service center in Toronto offers large format printing Our services are already used by construction companies, architects, interior designers, organizations for the construction of low-rise private facilities, private organizations involved in the construction of industrial facilities. Printing is done on a variety of wide format paper from 18” wide to up to 44” wide.

Printing drawings in Toronto

For large format printing, Image Machines Technology Inc in Toronto uses state-of-the-art equipment with high-precision dimensional transfer and pattern accuracy. Therefore, you can order prints of drawings on the plotter from us, intended for job sites, production facilities, as well as for presentations, and construction designs of various objects. What format do we print drawing drawings in:

  • Printing drawings on D and E architectural sizes. This formats is often used by architects for, presentation and design of large construction, industrial facilities and buildings of special importance with heavy loads, it allows you to more accurately convey the details of the project.
  • Printing drawings in D size format. One of the common sizes, which is used to create projects of small buildings (private houses, small retail premises, garages), and is also used in mechanical engineering, as it allows you to separately display elements on the sheet of the presented object.
  • Large-format printing of drawings of size D is used to create plans and layouts of the architectural designs for interior and landscape design for individual rooms or additions of the buildings.

You can order the printing of drawings in Toronto by bringing the information carrier to a disk or flash card. We print drawing in various common file formats like TIFF, PDF etc..

Large format printing on plotter in Toronto

You can contact us for large format printing of graphic displays - schemes intended for the correct installation of communications or other repair and construction works, as well as for the presentation of thesis, term paper. Thanks to the high quality printing schemes, you get an accurate image on which even the smallest details, labels and numerical data are not blurred. The advantage of printing schemes in Image Machines Technology Inc:

  • High quality. Images up to 1440 DPI allow you to accurately convey all the elements.
  • Operational printing. The order is completed from 1-2 hours, depending on the format.
  • Reasonable prices. The company has set the optimal price for printing drawings and diagrams.

Thanks to high-precision equipment, your circuits diagrams will be printed quickly and with maximum accuracy of the circuit elements.

Printing large graphics

In addition to printing diagrams and drawings, in Toronto you can order printing graphics in the formats A0, A0 +, A1, A2, which are used for a visual demonstration. The Image Machines Technology Inc Service Center prints graphics in black and white (0 + 1) color or full color (0 + 4) format. Thus, you can give your presentation more accurate informational data marked on the graphs. The graphs printed in our printing house have a presentable appearance with high-precision transmission of digital data.

Large format table printing

For technical documentation or comparative work, it is often necessary to create tables with their subsequent demonstration or installation to familiarize themselves with their data, therefore we are often contacted with orders to print tables in large formats. Printing products are printed quickly, with a clear vision of the table boundaries and its data, which do not blur when approaching, as well as when viewing at a distance of several meters.

Printing color and black and white sketches

The service center Image Machines Technology Inc, specializing in large format printing, offers to print sketches and modeling projects in the formats A0, A0 +, A1, A2. Sketches are used for demonstration, presentation, therefore, for their printing, a clear transfer of the image to paper is required, our printing house, using only modern high-precision equipment, guarantees the quality of printed products.

Printing topographic maps on a plotter

The topographic maps of the district or land plots contain many small objects and alphanumeric designations, so it is so important that the printed image can be read and disassembled without zeal, because, for example, the safe location of future construction objects depends on it. To get a high-quality picture when transferring a card to paper, you will be helped by a large-format printing process in Toronto - Image Machines Technology Inc. With us you can quickly order the printing of large size maps of the area.

Large format printing of posters on a plotter

Black-and-white or color posters are often used in street demonstrations, to support your favorite artists, as well as to alert the public about an event. The main task of the poster is to draw attention to itself, as well as the clarity of the inscription, so that people can read the text at great distances. Therefore, we are often contacted to print large posters in formats from 18”X24” to 36”X48”. And our printing house copes with quality requirements perfectly, printing paper products in the shortest possible time.