Repair of CANON plotters

Specialists at Image Machines Technology Inc Service Center have extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of CANON plotters in Toronto area. We have accesses to the original spare parts. We are reseller of CANON wide format, which gives us the opportunity to give high guarantees for repair work. You can be sure of a quality repair of the CANON plotter.

 There are a number of breakdowns that can occur with users of CANON plotters.

  • The plotter mechanics are damaged, which can be caused by a large amount of accumulated dirt, ink, and dust.
  • Poor image quality when printing. This means that the print head is partially or completely dry. It can also dry out and the continuous ink system.
  • Damaged sensors, mechanics. These problems result from incorrect paper removal by users.
  • The CANON plotter displays a service code or service message. This is because a huge amount of time has passed since the time when the plotter had a preventive maintenance or not carried out at all.

All these failures, whether mechanical or related to the breakdown of the electronic part of the plotter, are solved by our specialists in a short time.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

  • Print head error;
  • carriage error or positioning error;
  • failure of components such as an ink supply unit/s, ink tube assembly ;
  • wear out of carriage bushings;
  • breakage or wear out of the cutter
  • failure of the trailing cable and / or carriage circuit board

Certified specialists at our Image Machines Technology Inc Center replace worn parts, replace cartridges if necessary, and all the services that needed for the normal operation of your plotter.

Our technician will need a small amount of time to determine the nature of the malfunction. After the repair work, our experts will mandatorily test and return your plotter to a perfect working condition..

Why Image Machines Technology Inc

We offer you the following benefits:

  • We buy components and spare parts for repairs only from trusted suppliers;
  • You will receive a guarantee for repairs;
  • Reasonable prices - we keep the price bar low;
  • All work will be completed on time.

Contact our Toronto CANON plotter repair center - we can fix all the flaws!