Image Machines Technology Inc. offers a wide  variety  of  CAD  and  graphic media and supplies to meet  needs of our customers.

Wide format paper


20lb 18X150 $20
20lb 18X300$28
20lb 24X150$22
20lb 36X150$28
20lb 42X150 $31
20lb 30X150 $25
20lb 24X500 3'' core $35
20lb 36X500 3'' core $47
24lb 24X150 $25
24lb 36X150 $32
24lb 42X150 $35
24lb 30X150 $30


ModelPrint Head  forPrice

iPF5100/ 5000/ 6100/ 8100/9000s/ 8000s/ 8000/ 9000/ 710/ 720/ 700/ 600/ 500/510/ 605/ 610/ 510/ 810/ 815/ 820/ 825


iPF680/ 685/ 670/ 670E/ 680/685/ 750/ 755/ 760/ 765/ 770/ 780/ 785/ 830/ 840/850


IPF6300 / 6300S / 6400 /6400SE /6400S / 6450/ 8300 / 8300S / 8400 / 8400S/ 8400SE / 9400 / 9400S


pro-2000, 4000, 4000s, 6000S, 6000



ModelMaintenance Cartridge forPrice
MC- 05

IPF500 / 5000 / 5100

MC- 07

IPF700 / 710 / 720

MC- 08

IPF8000 / 8000S/ /8100 / 8300 / 8300S / 8400 / 8400S / 8400SE /9000 / 9000S / 9100 / 9400 / 9400S

MC- 09

IPF810 / 810PRO / 815 / 820 / 820PRO / 825


IPF650 / 655 / 670 / 680 /685 / 750 / 755 / 760 / 765 / 770 / 780 / 785 / 830 /840 / 850


IPF600 / 605 / 610 / 6100/ 6300 / 6300S / 6400 / 6400S / 6400SE / 6450

MC-30pro-2000, 4000, 4000s,6000S, 6000$125.00
A great number of commerce and architectural companies purchase wide format printing equipment at our company.

Our company is an authorised distributor of HP and Canon wide format plotter.

If you are looking to buy a new plotter , let us know what you are  going to print .

And we  advise you what machine will suite your needs  the best.

We also offer  a wide range  of used wide format printing equipment. Visit our equipment page to see the list of available models.

We also  supply media and ink for all equipment that we sell.

If you are looking for specific paper , let us know your request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our  customers in the GTA and relevant areas can always find a great selection of products.

Just call us today to get a free quote if you search for supplies for your machine. We’re always ready to offer a price cut for big orders.

Paper rolls in Toronto for large format printing at any scale.

Roll paper is an essential resource for printing on plotters - large format printers. The scope of its application is extremely wide - from the manufacture of promotional products (posters for billboards and city lights, posters, etc.) to the printing of presentation materials (design and architectural drawings, gallery, design sketches). Buying rolled paper for a plotter in Toronto is an ideal solution for those who are interested in high-quality printing of large-format advertising posters, highly artistic works, photographs, etc.

How to choose roll paper for the plotter?

Our company offers a wide range of roll paper in Toronto from various manufacturers. Among the main items presented in the catalog of the online store, you can purchase material:

  • with glossy and supergloss surface;
  • with a matte top layer;
  • offset;
  • self-adhesive;
  • natural canvas.

You can buy roll photo paper for the plotter of various widths - depending on the model and parameters of the plotter:

  • 18”
  • 24”
  • 36”
  • 42”
  • 44”

Roll paper, the price of which depends on the above parameters, is selected based on the needs of the user.

  • The thinnest options with a glossy or supergloss surface are considered ideal material for the manufacture of promotional products, where the main emphasis must be on clarity, richness, and realistic images.
  • Thick matte paper is used for printing graphs, drawings, presentations, for which the key point is the absence of glare and accurate transmission of lines.
  • Recently, canvas made from natural cotton has become increasingly popular, the value of which is the ability to create large-format pictures, reproductions of paintings, etc. for interior decoration.

Buying rolled paper for a plotter in Toronto inexpensively today is an objective reality that our company creates for its customers through a democratic approach to pricing.

How to make a purchase?

The easiest way to save time is to order roll paper online. To do this, it is enough in a few clicks to leave a request on the official website of our company. For those who want to get additional advice when choosing a material, they have the opportunity to contact the managers of the online store by telephone.

We propose wholesale and retail customers to choose additional consumables for both home and office printing in one catalog. Prompt delivery to the specified address is made immediately after processing and collecting the order.