Fluorescent Pink Ink on Canon GP-Series Printers Helps Posters and Art Stand Out

The imagePROGRAF GP series from Canon U.S.A. is the world’s first series of aqueous wide-format inkjet printers to use fluorescent pink ink in conjunction with traditional cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. The four printers in the series can produce high-impact graphic posters, wall art, and custom pop art that vivid colors popular with Millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

Using a unique Canon technology called “Radiant Infusion, “the Fluorescent Pink ink can be layered with other inks on the paper surface to reproduce a wider range of bright and soft colors. Or the fluorescent pink can be used as a spot color to call attention to specific text or graphics in the design.

For jobs that don’t need an expanded color gamut or extra-bright elements, users can operate the printers without the fluorescent ink.

gp 4000
Canon imagePROGRAF GP-4000 printer

The imagePROGRAF GP Series has obtained the world’s first “PANTONE Calibrated” license for the PANTONE PASTELS & NEON GUIDE Coated, said Iain Pike, director of licensing and business development for Pantone/X-Rite. “Canon has also acquired PANTONE Calibrated licensing with two Pantone publications. This expands the choice of color specification and helps ensure that the output results match the exact color the designer viewed in Pantone’s Solid Coated guide.”

Canon’s imagePROGRAF GP Series includes four models: the 24-inch GP2000, 44-inch GP4000, 24-inch GP200, and 36- inch GP300

Canon GP-2000 and GP-4000

Print-for-pay companies, sign shops, and design offices can use these 11-color printers for proofing brand promotions or for color-critical, high-impact brand graphics or event signage.

The GP-2000 and GP-4000 printers achieve the widest color gamut of in the history of the imagePROGRAF product line. They can reproduce brand colors that can be difficult to reproduce on a conventional 4-, 6-, or 8-color inkjet printers.

In fact, the GP-2000/4000 models can reproduce 99% of the colors in the “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated” and 97% of the “PANTONE PASTELS & NEON GUIDE Coated.”

11 colors in Canon GP-2000
The GP -2000 and GP-4000 use 11 colors of ink: Matte Black., Photo Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet, and Fluorescent Pink

The GP-2000 and GP-4000 models are equipped with a multi-sensor. The device enables easy and economical color calibration for consistent color reproduction from print to print and from printer to printer.

An optional Multifunction Roll System can be added and configured either to hold an additional roll of media or as a bi-directional media take-up unit.

These models also featured Intelligent Media Handling. After the operator places the roll in the machine, the printer will automatically load the material and detect media type, length, and width.

Vendors that make proofing and print-management software (such as Caldera, CGS, EFI, ONYX, Colorbyte, Eisfeld, and SAi) plan to include support for the new features of the GP-4000/2000 models.

Canon GP-200 and GP 300

The 24-inch GP-200 and 36-inch GP-300 printers enable employees in retail stores, restaurants, government agencies, schools, and other offices to high-visibility posters. These printers add fluorescent-pink ink to the 5 ink colors used in traditional technical and general-use inkjet printers.

ink colors in Canon GP-200 and GP-300 printers
The GP series 6-color printers use Matte Black, Photo Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Fluorescent Pink Inks.

The compactly designed printers fit into classrooms or offices without taking up a lot of valuable floor space. Because the operator can perform all routine tasks from the front of printer, the printer can be positioned flush against a wall.

Canon GP-200 printer
24-inch Canon imagePROGRAF GP-200 Printer

Plus, an updated version of Canon’s PosterArtist Lite poster creation software is bundled with the GP printers. With all of the templates included with this software, users can create professional-looking posters in just 4 easy steps. Canon has partnered with several stock photo companies (Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels) to offer easy access to an extensive array of images that can easily be incorporated into poster designs.

The updated PosterArtist Lite software supports Radiant Infusion Technology. A new “Vivid” print mode helps make the printed image more vibrant. A “Spot mode” will add fluorescent ink to specific areas of the graphics or text to make those areas stand out.

For more information, download a brochure here:

Canon GP-2000 and GP-4000 Brochure

Canon GP-200 and GP-300 Brochure

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